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Hello, I am Audrey, owner of Hart and Fig. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen at an early age soaking in her lessons on the fundamentals of art. My passion for beautiful works of art was fierce and as young adult I knew without a doubt I would be an artist. I studied at the Milwaukee Art School. I soon realized making beautiful art was not enough for me. I wanted my work to serve a purpose – be meaningful beyond its simple beauty. With a camera, I am able to create work that becomes a testament to someone’s marriage and life. I get to carve out a moment in this fast-paced world and preserve it and it is an honor to do so.

audrey koehler

meet the artist

"telling your legacy through the art of photography."

Your marriage is your own. It is original and honest. I am here to photograph the unique love the two of you have built. To ensure you have a timeless heirloom that will attest to your legacy.

Our style emulates the timelessness of Vogue while simultaneously encapsulating your best friends polaroid. we are here to give you a classic heirloom in a unique and photojournalistic approach. 

THE hart & fig MANIFESTO

"I soon realized making beautiful art was not enough for me. I wanted my work to serve a purpose"

I seek to create an unforgettable experience at Hart & Fig Photography. To dive deep into a meaningful relationship with our wedding photography clients and give a tailored experience that will be as memorable as the artwork. I’m devoted to my art, but I value our client’s experience and the impact of our work above all.

"my goal is to use my skill and drive to leave the world a bit more beautiful than I found it"




Audrey is a passionate artist and visionary. Her work is timeless and elegant. She is known for her painterly portraits and capturing fleeting moments. Her energy matches her clients and there isn't a mother son dance that doesn't pull her heartstrings. She is a mom of three beautiful boys who keep her on her toes. 

giving her clients an heirloom was the "meaning" in her artwork she was looking for

more than "one epic image"

I create a complete body of work that tells your story through emotional and touching documentary imagery, not just stand-alone individual photographs. It is important to us to photograph your individuality. Your gallery will be cohesive and thoughtfully photographed, and won’t just contain a few “epic” images while the rest are simply “fill ins”.

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the difference

why hart & fig 

"creating an intentional
relationship with our clients"

With every investment we provide more than just a beautiful heirloom. We create an experience. We only take ten couples per year. It is important to us that we have the time to create an intentional relationship with each of our clients. We believe this relationship is shown in our images as clients see us as a friend and not just a vendor.

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why Hart & Fig

"being apart of the planning process"

Part of creating an intentional relationship with our clients is spending time with them. With every investment we provide a comprehensive timeline reviews throughout the planning process. When we are part of the planning early on we are able to provide invaluable advice. When we know every single detail, this allows us to photograph in a more meaningful way. If location permits we love to meet our clients at their venue to do a walkthrough. This allows us to visually see your day, spend time together and understand the thoughtful details

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why hart & fig

"experience your wedding day"

It is important you experience your wedding day. Being part of the planning process we are able to find the balance together to create a beautiful heirloom, while still enjoying and experiencing your wedding day. That means being at your cocktail hour, dancing at the reception and making sure to take the time to be with the people you love. 

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"the final product"

We give a light magazine style editing to each of your wedding day photographs. This means we view every single photograph as a piece of artwork meant to go onto your walls or be printed in an album. This type of editing includes the removal of anything that causes distraction from the artwork such as an exit sign, light switch, or blemish. We want the focus to be on the moment of the image. Anything that takes away from that is removed. Your artwork is not meant to live on your hard drive. So we provided the highest quality products to our clients.

reasons why

the difference

why hart & fig