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My Favorite Bridal Accessories You Need Now

Unique Bridal Accessories You Need Now

There is nothing I love more than a bride who owns her owns her own style. My personal favorite is when a bride chooses a minimal dress and pairs is with a spectacular accessory. Unique statement pieces can add so much to your overall wedding look and really set you apart. Here are my personal favorite  accessories you can buy today that will add a little pop to your wedding day look. And full disclosure, I rocked the headpiece in #1 for our wedding day. I felt so “me” and beautiful on my wedding day. That is what is most important.

luxury bridal accessories you need now

1.) Bo & Luca 2.) Naturae Design 3.) Rue De Seine 4.) Celia New York 

5.) BHLDN 6.) Anna Chttp://bo and lucaampbell7.) Mineral Bride 8.) Bo & Luca

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