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the why

If you have been following the past three years, you have noticed a change in my brand. This transitional decision has been in the works for quite some time. I wanted to stop and explain the WHY I have decided to evolve and change. The main reason can be summed up under one simple word. That word is permanence. I talk so much about the word legacy. I want to preserve your legacy and I want to do it in a way that will forever be timeless. No gimmicks and no trends. I want to continue to help leave a piece of each and every couple I work with on this earth when they are no longer here. In order to do that, Hart & Fig needed to evolve.

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the edit

I need to start out by saying how much I love many types of editing styles. This is not meant to talk negatively about any artistic style. If I were to get married all over again, I would have a hard time deciding the kind of look I would want for my own photographs. Every type of editing style can be done extremely well. What I ended up choosing for our wedding photographs was a timeless film look. When it came down to it, the reason for my choice was that I knew a lot of styles I was seeing was “trendy”, and I knew I wanted my photographs to stand the test of time. I wanted true skin tones, green grass and a blue sky. You know how we look at photographs from the early 2000’s which the selective color and cringe? I didn’t want that to happen with our photographs. I don’t want that to happen to yours either. My past work was still “timeless” and I still very much stand behind it. I just wanted to really take any unnatural filter out, and focus more attention on the subject matter. It was time to change to a style that was a bit simpler. Something that prints well and that will still be classic one hundred years from now. When you look at old photographs of stars like Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner you don’t say to yourself “wow what a great filter”, you say “stunning”. I want the subject of the photograph to matter more than the filter slapped on it.

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the experience

This is a more behind the scenes change. A personal relationship with all my clients is something I pride myself in as a photographer and business owner. Many of the couples I have worked with have been so grateful for the extra time and care I gave them. But, there is always room for improvement and how to give my clients more of an experience. I now include a full venue walk through my each of my clients, as well as an in-person photography timeline review. It is important to me that each client optimizes the most out of their time with me. We will align your day with the best lighting and make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. Leave it in my hands to make it all seamless alongside your coordinator. Also included in all wedding investments is a print and product review. I sit down with each of my clients to show samples of all my prints and products. We discuss which size print and frames will work best in your home as well as finishes. I now take care of it all for you.

staying the same

There is a lot that is still the same here at Hart & Fig, But, the biggest one is the way I approach my photography. I photograph the exact same way I always have- and by that, I mean, putting emotion first. I am interested in your unique love, family and friends. The fear, the anticipation and the love is most important. The way your dad looks at you the moment he sees his little girl in a wedding dress is what matters. The quick glace between your mom and dad as they see you standing up at the alter waiting for your soon to be wife, These are the moments that are unscripted and mean the most. There is no cookie cutter posing here or going through the motions. You are unique, and your photographs should and will reflect that here at Hart & Fig Photography.


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